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Trolli Sour Peach Hearts


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There’s a reason why certain things are classics. It’s because they work for almost all occasions. The little black dress can be fancied up or dressed down. A diamond engagement ring looks fabulous with yoga duds or your favourite swanky get-up. A cute pair of flats can look lovely with jeans or your work pants. Sour Peach Hearts by Trolli Lollies are just as multi-functional. They satisfy your sweet craving with their blissful peachy scent, sugary coating, and juicy honeyed taste. Yet they also hit that sour sweet spot with their slight tangy taste. They also work for a variety of occasions. They make for a great way to hit a sweets craving, as a light snack, or as a party treat. They’re also sure to appeal to both kids and adults who’ve likely grown up with this delish treat. So while a super sour candy might be as fun to try on as a flashy hat, a bright pair of heels, or a statement cocktail ring, there’s a reason we come back to our old standards — because they’re so comfortable, familiar, and darn good! So enjoy favourites like Sour Peach Hearts and their old fashioned charm.