TNT Watermelon Sour Straps (10 Pack)


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Boom! That’s the sound of your taste buds when you get a hold of a bunch of TNT Watermelon Sour Straps don’t disappoint. These pretty pink and green-striped candies look awfully innocuous but once you get past the sugared surface and delectable chewy texture, be prepared to be hit with a sour wallop! TNT Watermelon Sour Straps you loved as a kid, the type you’d dare your best friend to eat by the fistful. Now you’ll be the one tempted to eat a handful of these straps. If you love your candy sweetly-sour taste sensation blast, you’re going to have trouble eating just one.

SKU: tnt-watermelon-sour-straps-10-pack Categories: , , , , , , , , , , Tag:

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