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Sweet & Sour Mix Box


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Introducing our Sweet and Sour Mix Lolly Box, a delectable fusion of flavours for every candy lover!
This box includes two 500g bags filled with a carefully curated selection of gluten-free lollies.
Each bag is a delightful journey through contrasting tastes, combining the joy of sweet treats with the zing of sour candies.
Perfect for those who enjoy a variety of flavours, this mix is ideal for sharing, gifting, or indulging in a personal treat.
Experience the best of both worlds in one convenient, gluten-free package!


PLEASE NOTE: *ALL SWEETS ARE SUBJECT TO STOCK AVAILABILITY AND MAY BE CHANGED/SUBSTITUTED DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY – This is an EXAMPLE of what could be in your mix. It is not guaranteed due to fluctuating stock levels but we can guarantee it will be absolutely delicious!*