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Mayceys Kiwi Collection Mix Box


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Embark on a zesty adventure with the Mayceys Kiwi Collection, an 800g bag where sour meets sweet in a celebration of New Zealand’s finest flavours. This collection is meticulously curated for those who love a tangy twist, featuring an array of sour delights that pave the way to the rich experience of mega wine gums.Begin your flavour journey with the invigorating tang of our sour grapes, each gummy bursting with a bold, vine-inspired tartness that dances on the palate. Next, the sour strawberries make their entrance, perfectly balancing the line between sweet and sour, reminiscent of sun-drenched summer days. The journey continues with our sour peach pieces, offering a juicy explosion of tangy bliss, while the sour apple gummies provide a refreshing, crisp twist that awakens the senses.Completing this exquisite collection are the mega wine gums, where the journey through tanginess mellows into a sophisticated array of wine-inspired flavours. These gourmet gummies pay homage to New Zealand’s esteemed vineyards, providing a deep, sweet counterpoint to the sour assortment.

PLEASE NOTE: *ALL SWEETS ARE SUBJECT TO STOCK AVAILABILITY AND MAY BE CHANGED/SUBSTITUTED DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY – This is an EXAMPLE of what could be in your mix. It is not guaranteed due to fluctuating stock levels but we can guarantee it will be absolutely delicious!*