G Fuel Watermelon/Cherry 2 Pack


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Fire up your day with G Fuel Energy’s dynamic duo: PewDiePie Cherry and Watermelon Limeade! When you need a bit of extra zing to tackle life’s challenges, these flavours are your go-to wingmen. PewDiePie Cherry packs a punch with its bold, tangy cherry zest, while Watermelon Limeade brings a refreshing twist of watermelon with a zesty lime kick. Together, they’re a bonza pair for any energy needs.

G Fuel Energy Ready-to-Drink is just what you need when you’re facing a tough slog. Each can is chockers with an impressive blend:

Energy Complex: Caffeine, a natural pick-me-up, is perfect for giving your noggin a boost when you’re feeling a bit sluggish.
Fortified Focus Aminos: These aminos sharpen your focus, giving you a leg up so you can stay on top of your game.
Antioxidants + Vitamins: The right mix of antioxidants for healthy cell function, coupled with a top-notch blend of Vitamins C, E, B12, and B6.
Kickstart your energy with G Fuel Energy RTD’s. With their ripper taste and beneficial complex, this pair is a must-have for anyone looking to get a jump on their day. Don’t pass up this power-packed duo!

SKU: 810044887235-2 Categories: , , , , , , Tag: