Sunkist Berry Lemonade 355ml


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Soak up the sunny taste of summer with Sunkist Berry Lemonade soda! Just like the original Sunkist Orange soda that’s been a favourite since 1979, Sunkist Berry Lemonade soda always satisfies your thirst with refreshing flavour. Enjoy the taste of this deliciously sweet, fruit-forward treat that leverages Sunkist citrus flavor with an added burst of bright berry flavor that your taste buds will love. Sunkist brightens the day with a burst of fruity flavour whether it’s enjoyed with a meal or as a refreshing stand-alone treat. Reach for the cool refreshing flavor of Sunkist Berry Lemonade soda to brighten your day and refresh your senses. Once that Sunkist Berry Lemonade taste touches your lips, you’ll understand why we call it Sunkist!

SKU: 07821905 Categories: , , , , , , Tag:

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