G Fuel Energy Drink 3 Pack


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Gear up for a ripper of a day with G Fuel Energy’s cracking trio: Sour Power, Mega Man Blue Bomber, and The Boys! When you’re up against the cunning plans of Dr. Wily, it’s time to supercharge your Mega Buster with the Blue Bomber Slushee Energy Formula. Boasting a flavour as cool as an icy blue raspberry slush, this one’s a sure-fire way to get a MEGA energy boost, perfect for knocking over any challenges in your path.

G Fuel Energy Ready-to-Drink is your best mate when life throws a spanner in the works. Each can is packed with a top-notch blend, including:

  • Energy Complex: With caffeine, a natural stimulant, you’ll get a much-needed brain kick, especially when you’re feeling a bit flat.
  • Fortified Focus Aminos: These focus-boosting aminos give you a fair dinkum advantage, helping you stay sharp and on the ball.
  • Antioxidants + Vitamins: A beaut mix of antioxidants for healthy cell function, along with a perfect combo of Vitamins C, E, B12, and B6.

Boost your day with G Fuel Energy RTD’s. Their brilliant taste and supportive complex make them a must-have for anyone keen to up their game. Don’t miss out on this power-packed trio, mate!

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