Christmas Gift Ideas

Like most Australians, I enjoy the brouhaha that surrounds the race which stops the nation, but even before the gee gees are back in the stable, I have this overwhelming realisation that Christmas is fast approaching and with it, the beginning of endless preparations that can descend into chaos and panic.

One of my greatest challenges is buying presents and from experience, I have found that unless you know precisely what someone wants, gift giving can be like a lottery. So, the obvious question is, what can I do to change the status quo and in the process, minimise some of my anxiety, yet still find something special for those on my list?

One of the solutions I arrived at was to set about choosing an array of good quality confectionery and chocolates complemented with, for adults, a superb bottle of wine, champagne, liqueur or port. Although this tried and true combination is a great stand alone present, equally, the duo would be a superb inclusion in a gift basket with other delightful treats.

If I was really ambitious and with time permitting, I would also add a personal touch by including something I make myself such as buttery almond shortbread, spicy mince tarts or moorish mini fruit cakes, all wrapped in Christmas themed cellophane and each trimmed with a big tartan ribbon bow.

What you put in a gift basket is only limited by your imagination, but what I like to do, is source unique produce made in my local area by respected and ethical farmers and suppliers. These goodies sure trump the plastic wrapped ubiquitous products stacked high on the supermarket shelves.

Now, of course, I am bias when it comes to where I suggest you buy your confectionery and chocolates and as you would expect, that is at I Luv Lollies because I know I am getting nothing less than great quality, endless choice and attentive service from people who truly enjoy bringing happiness to their customers’ lives.

I don’t think there are too many people, regardless of age, who would turn up their noses at a present that appeals to their sweet tooth.

Happy gift giving!


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