Jelly Belly Pancakes and Maple Syrup

Mar 28, 2017 | Brands, Instagram, Jelly Beans

The newest flavour from Jelly Belly is Pancakes & Maple Syrup.

Though the name of the new flavour is a little trendy, the idea is pretty solid. Maple is a great, distinctive but mild flavour. It’s an ideal addition to Jelly Belly’s line because it can be combined with other flavour beans. Though I didn’t have any on hand to try out, I would think that Banana and Strawberry would go well.

The packaging is fun, an aqua gingham motif on the bag gives it a homespun feel. The image on the front, though is not of Vermont maple trees with running sap and buckets, like I might have imagined, instead it’s more in line with what I see any neighbourhood diner, a plate of pancakes with butter and a little pitcher of syrup. (Now, I love my little diner I go to, but I highly doubt they use actual maple syrup because their menu just says syrup.)

The beans are uniform looking, a medium caramel colour, kind of like Sugar Babies. The bag does smell a lot like maple syrup, which is a sweet smell with notes of bourbon and vanilla with a little molasses or pipe tobacco.

The interesting things is that these are not just maple flavour but also pancake, so there are other flavour notes to the actual beans. Though the primary flavour is definitely, and perhaps over-the-top maple syrup, I also caught sort of buttery notes. It’s not the overwhelming buttered popcorn flavour, just a sort of salty and creamy flavour to it. (There are 25mg of salt per serving.)

So, there’s lots of maple-y flavour and buttery notes, but no actual pancake, which is fine, because just a jelly bean that tastes like pancake topping is good enough.

The fun part for many candy fans is that Jelly Belly are gluten free and peanut free. So if you can’t have actual pancakes because you’re gluten intolerant, you can have these.

I think the trendiness of these makes them appealing in the short term for buzz, but maple should stand the test of time.


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