Take The Challenge! Dare To Compare!

May 20, 2016 | Brands, Uncategorised

I have to admit, right away, this was a nice change of pace. Instead of all of us sitting on the couch, zoning out to a movie and munching away at our baskets of treats, we instead gathered at the dinner table as I poured out the BeanBoozled beans into a dish in front of us. Dare to compare!

How does eating these BeanBoozled beans relate to social activity you ask? Well, when you look at it, BeanBoozled is more of a game than anything else really, because in essence it’s an edible version of Russian Roulette. Picture this: in the box there are 10 different colored beans with 20 different flavors. The flavor can be a tasty one like buttered popcorn, plum, juicy pear or cafe latte. On the other hand, the flavor could be not so enticing: vomit, skunk spray, pencil shavings or baby wipes (just to name a few). See where this is heading?


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